Starting my Hairfinity Journey!

Starting my Hairfinity Journey!

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Hey Dolls!

So I finally took the hairfinity plunge! If you dolls have followed me on youtube, you’ll know that I was a lover of short hair! (I blame Rihanna!) I would shave off the sides of my hair in a new york city minute and tease the crown of my head. After doing a series of extension installs I decided I wanted a more natural look. I would usually wear closures which gave the appearance of a natural scalp, but there’s nothing like the real thing!

I wore wigs for about 2 years and whalah, I am now  at 11 inches of healthy natural hair! I had been hearing sooo much about Hairfinity and decided to take the plunge. My natural hair is so luscious and thick when air dried, but when heat is applied I lose  a lot of density. I’m hoping that these miraculous pills help fill out my naturally thin

(when straight) hair.

I will be taking these babies for 6 months so I will be updating you dolls monthly!

Be sure to check out my video which explains this in depth! Also find out how to win your own bottle of Hairfinity!

Love ya!


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